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   Dec 22

Fertibella Side Effects

A lot of people have been writing and asking if Fertibella has any side effects.

I’m not a doctor — and all women are different — but I, personally, did not have any side effects.

The ingredients are all natural, but work to regulate your hormones. Some women may feel tired or have mood swings, according to this article. I actually felt like I had fewer mood swings and felt more energized, so I guess it just all depends!

The bottom line is that I would much rather put natural ingredients into my body than chemicals, which is why I chose to go with a natural supplement like Fertibella rather than a treatment like Metformin/Birth Control or IVF.

   Feb 04

The Miracle of Life

fertibella ttc

Thanks to Fertibella, I was able to have a beautiful baby. Life is such a precious thing. We are lucky to have modern science on our side these days. Now that my little bundle of joy is here, I wonder how I lived for so long without him. If you are struggling on a journey to conceive, I want you to know there is hope out there! In my experience, Fertibella has been wonderful and righted my system in just 1 month! I recommend trying their site directly to avoid any problems.




   Oct 06

Hope This Helped!

I hope my review of Fertibella helped you understand how the supplement works from start to finish. I was fortunate enough to conceive right away, within my first month.When you become pregnant, just call the customer care hotline at  1-888-363-9222 and ask for a return merchandise authorization number. Send your unused bottles back to the company and they will credit you a full refund on any product you did not need. They will also cancel your auto-ship plan.

   Oct 05

How To Use Fertibella Tests

In your Fertibella fertility kit, you’ll probably have 10 ovulation tests (pink packaging) and 10 pregnancy tests (blue packaging). You want to begin testing for ovulation 5 days into a 21-day cycle, 11 days into a 28-day cycle, or 18 days into a 35-day cycle. You can read more about it here.

You will know that you are, in fact, ovulating if your test result looks like this:

Positive Ovulation Test Result

It will be VERY obvious that there are two lines. Some people think they might see a secondary faint line, but there may be several reasons for a false positive.

1. When I called Fertibella to inquire about the testing process, the woman told me that people often accidentally take the ovulation test instead of the pregnancy test… and the ovulation test usually shows two lines, with the test line being slightly darker to indicate successful ovulation. This leads many women to mistakenly believe they are pregnant. DON’T let this happen to you!!

2. You need to hold the stick and complete the test exactly as directed. Read this article for more info.

3. You need to read your results within 5 minutes. Any water evaporation lines that appear later are invalid.

Positive Pregnancy Test Result

It’s important to keep in mind, that when you use the pregnancy tests, it’s best to test with your first morning urine. (The same is not true with ovulation tests, which are better taken mid-day.) According to WebMD, you can take a pregnancy test as early as a week after a missed period. However, according to people at LeRoche Benicoeur, the pregnancy tests you receive in your kit are EARLY DETECTION tests, so you can actually tell if you’re pregnant up to 5 days before your missed period.

   Oct 04

How Do I Get Pregnant Using Fertibella?

Fertibella helps women with the following common causes of infertility:

  • Irregular Cycles 
  • Luteal Phase Defect 
  • Progesterone Deficiency 
  • Poor Quality Cervical Mucous 
  • Ovulatory Dysfunction 
  • Hormonal Imbalance 
  • Elevated FSH Levels
So you will naturally begin to become more fertile when you take the supplement. For some women, obvious differences occur — like your period becomes regular for the first time in a long time — or they may begin to feel a little friskier and in a better mood (thanks to the hormone regulation aspect). Yet, other women may feel no different at all, even though changes are taking place inside them. It could take as little as a month to become pregnant or it could take just over 6 months. According to the website statistics, 86 percent of women achieve a pregnancy by their fourth cycle.
In order to become pregnant, you need to know a little about how pregnancy happens. It’s a FACT that you can only conceive during your ovulation period… so you can have all the intercourse you want, but it’s not going to “count” unless the magic happens during ovulation time.
So the big question becomes: when do you ovulate?
I spoke with my doctor about this and she told me that on a typical 28 day cycle (which is what I have), you will ovulate on Day 14. People who have a 35 day cycle will ovulate on Day 21. Usually, your period begins 14 days after ovulation.
The good news is that sperm can live in the body for 72 hours and the egg can exist for 48 hours, waiting around to be fertilized. So, if I had intercourse on CD-12 and ovulated on CD-14, I could still get pregnant. Or, conversely, if I ovulated on CD-14 and had intercourse on CD-16, I could also get pregnant. In some cases, women have been able to get pregnant as early as CD-11 or as late as CD-17, provided that the sperm were extremely skilled and determined little swimmers! Basically, what I’m saying, is there is a 5-6 day window each month where you can possibly get pregnant if the stars are aligned and your fertility issues are solved using Fertibella.
PS. To find out the length of your cycle, start counting on DAY 1 OF BLEEDING (your Aunt Flo). 
Stop counting the DAY BEFORE BLEEDING AGAIN (your next month’s Aunt Flo).

   Oct 03

How Do I Take Fertibella?

So next, your Fertibella kit comes in the mail. It usually takes 7-10 days, unless you order the priority processing (for an extra $4), which ensures you receive your order within 2-5 days. Since it is just a supplement and the results become cumulative over time, it’s my understanding that you can just start taking Fertibella whenever you want. It’s not like birth control where you need to begin on a set day or anything.
The makers recommend that you take ONE A DAY, WITH A MEAL. (Taking it with a meal ensures that you don’t feel hungry or develop a headache.) Start with the blue bottle for the first month and move to the pink bottle for your second month. If taken as directed, you shouldn’t have any side effects at all.

   Oct 02

How Do I Order Fertibella?

I first heard about Fertibella in an issue of Marie Claire magazine. From there, I went online to their website:

Here you can read all about the product and enter some basic info into the trial order form, including your name, address, email, and phone number. On the next order page, you’ll enter your credit card information. You can pay using Visa, AmEx, Master Card, or Discover. Initially, all you pay is $5.95 for shipping and handling.

I chose to get a 10 pack of free ovulation tests and a 10 pack of free pregnancy tests for my gift. Some people might want to get 20 free pregnancy tests or 20 free ovulation tests instead. It’s up to you.

Now here is the part that gets people. It’s very clearly stated, but I’ve noticed on countless message boards that people become really flippin’ mad because they don’t read the directions, so here it is:

When you order today, you will receive your FertiBella® 2-Month Starter Kit to try Risk-Free for 30 days.

If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your FertiBella® 2-Month Starter Kit, simply call to cancel and return your products, even if the bottles are empty, and you will never be billed.

If you decide FertiBella® is right for you, do nothing. On 11/13/2011, you’ll be billed at the low price of just $39.95 per month for your FertiBella® 2-Month Starter Kit. That’s a 38% SAVINGS off the retail price! You will automatically receive a new supply every 2 months at the same guaranteed low price so you never run out.

Cancel anytime with no obligation. Even if you cancel, the free gifts are yours to keep just for trying 

FertiBella®! Limit one per household.

Ok, so you see why everyone is so mad. They basically want to get the free gifts and free pills and have someone call them or send them a piece of mail later on to ask if they wish to renew. However, imagine what a nightmare that would be. Back when I was on birth control, I was always forgetting to get my next month of pills on time! Luckily, with birth control pills, you are technically “allowed” to skip a couple of days, without penalty. With Fertibella, that is not the case. You need to be taking one EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s how supplements work. If you miss a day, then you’re essentially back at Square One. So really, it is just a convenience that you are auto-billed and auto-shipped the next supply. It’s really not a big deal to just call and cancel when you decide you’d rather not take Fertibella anymore — or, ideally, when you find out you are pregnant!

   Oct 01

What’s Fertibella?

I want to share this with you because I think there is a lot of confusion online about what Fertibella is all about. I’m one of those unfortunate souls who didn’t find pregnancy to come all that naturally, as it’s supposed to. There are so many reasons women can have trouble conceiving. For me, it was low quality cervical mucus. (Sorry to be graphic! There’s just no pretty way to say it!) What I’ve learned (from much reading and trips to the obgyn) is that you can have poor cervical m. for a lot of reasons… you’re not ovulating, you’re too thin (under 18% body fat), you’re obese, you are in your late 30s or 40s, you’re on Clomid, or you have low estrogen levels.

I think, for me, it was the low estrogen levels that put me into this predicament. I think I was suffering from Hypopituitarism for many years, without even really realizing it. I mean, I had been feeling fatigued, my blood pressure was coming in a little low, I was very thin and I had a lot of nausea here and there. Then again, growing up, I was always into modeling… isn’t that what the world of modeling is all about… nausea and looking anorexic? I won’t belabor how and why I got here too much… I just wanted to give you a little background info.

Like I said, you may in a totally different boat as to the reasons for your infertility… or maybe you aren’t sure why you can’t conceive yet. No matter your situation, Fertibella is a NATURAL supplement aimed at correcting 7 different causes of infertility. Since it is natural, much like a prenatal vitamin, there are no side effects, which is a huge plus for many women because so many other treatment options contain laundry lists of unpleasant side effects and risks.